Get to know Chaouen

Sanaa’s crisp, clean packaging also represents Zakaria’s nod to the colorful city of Chefchaouen, a Moorish fortress nestled in the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco.  Aptly nicknamed “The Blue Pearl” for the vibrant cobalt blue hue seen on buildings throughout the city as well as the medina walls that surround this fortress city, Chefchaouen’s distinctive color scheme is calming, elegant and restorative for mind, body and spirit.

Just like our Sanaa products.

Nature's Unique Harmony
Exploring Morocco's Fascinating Goats and Argan Trees

In Morocco, it's not uncommon to see goats perched on the branches of argan trees. The goats are drawn to the fruit of the argan tree, which they eat despite the hard exterior. Interestingly, the goats' digestion process helps to soften the exterior of the fruit, making it easier for farmers to collect the nuts and extract the valuable argan oil. This unique and sustainable process is a testament to the ingenuity of the Moroccan people and their connection to the land.