About Us

The meaning behind everything.

When founder Zakaria Kanbouzi thought about the type of company he wanted to create, he knew it would have to be something that he could believe in … that would have great personal meaning … and that would pay tribute to his rich Moroccan heritage.

The Begnning

When Zakaria was 10 years old, he sold the jeans that his grandfather made to his classmates, and soon discovered that he had a natural head for business. He had the right work ethic and consumer understanding necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

Zakaria moved to the United States when he was 16, not knowing a word of English. He went to a military high school for two years, where he quickly learned the language so that he could then attend a military college in Pennsylvania. While completing the classes necessary for his associate degree in Business Administration, Zakaria also tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit – bringing American food, clothing and other items back to Morocco during his school breaks to sell at a profit.

In January 2017, Zakaria transferred to Arizona State University and was awarded a B.A. in Business Law two years later. Now it was time to think about his career path – and the best way to make his mark in the business world.

Zakaria had a lot of ideas, ultimately culling them down based on what was important to him.

Family. His homeland of Morocco. Philanthropy. Success.

With argan oil trending as a popular beauty regimen, creating a beauty product line featuring hand-picked Argania spinosa nuts from Southern Morocco was an easy decision. It allowed Zakaria to create something special in honor of his late mother Sanaa, whose name and loving spirit are the inspiration behind the brand … plus pay homage to his exotic homeland and introduce American consumers to a full Moroccan beauty experience.

Zakaria’s company name says it all:

Simply Moroccan.

A smart business model that features a simple, effective beauty regimen that has been used by Moroccan women for centuries.